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HER Playbook Podcast

Sep 30, 2021

In this episode, Kristel goes one-on-one with you and addresses one of the biggest areas of struggle that many women face today - staying consistent and committed. 


Tune in as Kristel discusses consistency and commitment and breaks them down into simpler and more actionable steps for you to implement in your life. As Kristel opens up about her own challenges faced when trying to stay committed to her goals, she will also show you what to do when you get tested during your commitments. 


So, are you ready to stay consistent and committed in everything that you do? Grab a pen and paper, and tune in to find out how it’s done. 



  • Addressing the problem of inconsistency 
  • Differences and correlations between consistency and commitment 
  • What do consistency and commitment mean? 
  • Breaking down the levels of commitment 
  • What to do when you get tested 
  • Are you committed to the things that are aligned with your higher self? 
  • The real truth about staying committed
  • Honoring the different seasons of your commitment 



“You have to lean into your desires because if you don't, you'll always put your desires on the back burner because there's always going to be something happening.”

“When you have faith and trust that the universe is always going to orchestrate in your favor, that's when the magic happens.”

“When you make a choice, make that choice in alignment with your higher self, make those choices in alignment with your vision, not in alignment with who you are now, or who you were in your past, or what happened in the past.”



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